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fix with supper glue and a number 2 pencil also need multimeter to check voltage and if you know original voltage then that would help
but from what i have found is that after solar panel is broken and then fixed with this method it will lose volts but will still work at about 2/3 it original voltage

1. glue panel back together do not use a lot of super glue put glue in crack and hold until dry
2.after panel is glued together flip it over and every break should be covered with pencil led or with the liquid solder pen. solder pen is recommended
do not make one big pencil trail across all breaks  you will have problems so don't do it
3. you are responsible for your own injury's and damages attempt at your own risk
4.find bright light/ sun or something and check the voltage of the solar panel if there is no voltage repeat steps 1-2 and continue to check to see if there is a voltage  every couple of minutes

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check panel with multimeter and find the voltage

also if you want to get more volts buy a silver trace pen they are anywhere between 15 to 20 usd


Fritzs Zepan (author)2012-12-29

Thank you for your post. 
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