Picture of flappy bird online!!!!!
flappy bird is probably the worlds best game that just got deleted off of the App Store. If you didn' t download the game in time or accidentally deleted it use this quik and easy trick to donload it for free. it even works on your mac or pc
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Step 1: Go to the internet

Picture of go to the internet
go to your internet browser and click on the search bar.

Step 2: Find the site.

Picture of find the site.
14, 3:59 PM.jpg
type in the link www.freeflappybird.org and click search. if not working, make sure you are conected to the internet and typing the link correctly.

Step 3: Add to home screan (apple only)

Picture of add to home screan (apple only)
14, 3:59 PM.jpg
14, 3:59 PM.jpg
click on the arrow and select add to home screan. name and click go

Step 4: Have fun

Picture of have fun
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play the game and comment your score ( mines 91)
rhett51 year ago
45(using original)
990166691 year ago