Step 5: Final mix

Picture of final mix
once you have both materials in the bag, gently rock the bag back and forth about ten times, until the two powders are thoroughly mixed.

Congratulations! You have made flash powder. Be careful with it.

Store in a clean, dry place, in a sealed container, away from children and pets. Store away from sources of ignition, and from other chemicals.

To incorporate your flash powder into flat pack explosives, see my other instructable: flat-pack explosive (squib).

arduinrobo4 years ago
isn't a plastic bag a little bit dangerous considering static sparks ?
he didn't say a regular plastic bag. He said an anti-static plastic bag. I really hope you are still alive to read this post a year and some change later ;)
Thinkman9 years ago
glad I saw this pic! Reasonably safe with a suit like that! Lol I'll have to go and get one!
hes just over protective...................
he should get the fire resistant metallic suit the mythbusters have. great instructable though!