In this Instructable you will make a LED flasher. You will also be able to adjust it.

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Step 1: Bill of materials

Picture of Bill of materials
  1x 555 timer
  1x LED
  1x 9 volt battery and clip
  1x 220μf capacitor
  1x 101 Ω resister
  1x 101 Ω variable resister
  1x 900 Ω resister
  multiple wires

Step 2: The schematic

Picture of the schematic
Here is the schematic for the flasher.

Step 3: Insert the wires and the timer

Picture of insert the wires and the timer
Connect pin 2 and pin 6. Connect pin 1 to the negative of the battery clip. Connect pin 8 to the positive side of the battery clip. Sorry for the bad pic.

Step 4: Connect the other parts

Picture of connect the other parts
Connect the 220 uf capacitor between pin 1 and 2. Connect the led anode(+) to pin 3. Connect the led cathode(-) to the 101 ohm resister. Connect the other end of the resister to ground(-). connect the variable 101 ohm resister between pin 8 and 7. Connect the 900 ohm resister between pins 6 and 7.

Step 5: Your done!

Picture of your done!
Yay, your done! You can change the frequency of the blinking by turning the variable resister knob.
robot13984 years ago
need a bigger schematic cant understand a thing
Whats That a Picture(s) of???
peterlonz5 years ago
Look thanks for posting this BUT:
You really are not helping folks with the poorly drawn circuit diagram, it's almost certain to create avoidable mistakes.
Also 9V batteries are not cheap & most LED lights that I come across are typically 1x AAA or 2x AAA, IE 1.5 or 3 V.
I was thinking about using this on my bike but the voltage is so high I am dubious about the likelihood of either over-driving the LEDs or just wasting power in creating the necessary voltage drop.
Can you spell out the reasons you selected 9V please.
Peter O
far.peter (author)  peterlonz5 years ago
i had a lot just lying around the house, you need at least 5 volts if not using a CMOS 555 chip.
Sunbanks5 years ago
Instead of using a 9 volt battery could you use three 3 volt batteries? 
far.peter (author)  Sunbanks5 years ago
yes, it just needs to be at least 5 volts.
far.peter (author)  far.peter5 years ago
mistake, you cant, but you can use 4 AA batteries
far.peter (author)  far.peter5 years ago
i must have been tired, you can :)
 Help! I need to use this circuit for a project. My led blinks too fast! I am using just a 100 ohm resister instead of a  variable resister. Is there something that I should change??? thanks

far.peter (author)  shadowkiller5 years ago
use higher resistance


Jodex5 years ago
Good, but this will be better if you'd change the word resistor to resistor not resister and if you'd have better pictures. And I personally would rather open and instructable spelled with a Big letter in the beginning of the name than with small letter. Okay that's me: D The schematic could also be drawen with computer. Sorry for all that nagging : D Good instructable, will really help someone who is starting with the 555s
Jodex Jodex5 years ago
Just some tips=)
far.peter (author)  Jodex5 years ago
luudvig5 years ago
andreblue5 years ago
i dont remember what the board your using is called.could you plz tell me

far.peter (author)  andreblue5 years ago
Its a breadboard, I got it from Abra Electronics.
far.peter (author) 5 years ago
sorry, i didn't have my tripod.
Kiteman5 years ago
Any chance of images in focus?