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Learn how to create a flashlight holster for a Surefire G2 or similar flashlight with only some ducttape and an old messenger bag belt.

Step 1: What You Need:

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- Some duct tape
- an old shoulder belt or similar item, preferrably a 5 centimeter wide belt webbing.
- about 15 minutes of spare time

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first you tape the belt into a loop that fits to your belt.

Step 3: Step 3

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Fit in the lamp and then start wrapping the whole bundle with duct tape.

Step 4: Step 4

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Cut the end of the belt leaving enough material to cover the bulbside of the lamp.
Finish the cutted edge with a lighter and simply push it over the head of the flashlight.

You could also add some velcro or a button, but this solution works fine!

Attach it to your belt and have a nice day out, with your illuminating friend at your side!

(If you have a different flashlight try to tape some ducttape inside of the holster, with the sticky side to the outer tape, to get more space for your lamp. But remember: The tighter, the better!)


ajs1313 (author)2009-02-14

wouldn't sewing this be less reflective to light?

Ubbo (author)ajs13132009-02-14

Sure. It would also look more professional and maybe even last longer... but it wouldn't be cheap (or at least not cheaper) and SURELY not easy!! That's what this is all about.

R4Man18 (author)Ubbo2009-03-08

Depends you can get a spool of thread and a needle for cheaper than a roll of duct tape if you know how to sew but would take longer so the only thing this currently has over sewing is time.

stephenniall (author)2008-12-04

Pretty Gd instructable i will do this Hopefully

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