Picture of floppy disck booby-trap
have you ever wanted to scare the s@^# out of your friend or coworker ? 
well you have came to the right place. 
not only does it scare them, it makes a loud noise and messes up everything you put on top of it.  

Step 1: Materials !

Picture of materials !
to make this trap you need: 
2 regular rubber bands  
1 smaller rubber band 
2 floppy-disks  
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to set trap/optional : 
papers(put writing or find a paper thats important. not too important though) 
sticky note 
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
it doesnt alow you you to close it without snapping sometimes
iApple guy4 years ago
CD cases work to if you don't have any floppies :)
timnitro (author)  iApple guy4 years ago
bertus52x114 years ago
I like it.
I will try it in approximately 53 days...
timnitro (author)  bertus52x114 years ago
why 58 days?
(22 days left in Feb, 31 days in March to go...)
NatNoBrains4 years ago
Very clever, might try this if I could find some floppies :)