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draw your idea of wow you want your jeans to look like .

Step 1: Flower Power Jeans

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pimping old jeans with bleach , fabric colour , buttons and a lot of fantasy

Step 2: What You Need :

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old jeans
fabric colours
hot glue gun
coloured glue sticks
paint brushes

Step 3: Bleach

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bleach part of the jeans - or all - because the fabric paint is much brighter on whiter fabric . wash the jeans and rinse it well to get rid of rests of bleach and dry it .

Step 4:

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with fabric pens , glue gun and buttons you can make nice flowers . the rest is painted .


komecake (author)2013-06-06

Doooooooood. These are amazing. O__O I MUST do this!

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