Fm Pirate Radio


Introduction: Fm Pirate Radio

So you want to do some pirate radio , this is an intro into Micro broadcasting , this little transmitter is capable of transmitting around 500 mW of power over the Fm Broadcast Band (87.5 - 108 Mhz) . So the very basics , what do we have in the picture you might ask ? , well first of all we have a fm modulator that was bought brand new from Jaycar Electronics in Australia , it normally is enclosed in plastic enclosure and has a cigarette lighter attached to the end , well not any more as you can see :) , furthermore when you carefully take it apart you have the FM modulator which is capable of accepting a stereo 3.5 mm input / a sd card input and also included a infrared remote control.

One thing you find with most of these modulators is the lack of range they produce , mainly because of the approval or regulations of the country , well hey the government doesn't want pirates broadcasting in the millions around the country. well most Modulators are labelled with an antenna out , however they direct the signal into a few caps and inductor maybe a resistor and terminate the signal their , what you want to do is re-route the RF from being limited and use your own antenna or in this case into a Rf Amplifier for more bang!! this is only an intro of more posts to come , please feel free to comment to motivate me to post more instructables :) to follow , just to add in the picture is the fm modulator a 12 volt to 5 volt regulator circuit which is included in the modulator this converts your 12v dc car battery's voltage to 5 volts and a nice tv amplifier with 43 db gain to give 500 mW of power out the tv amp has been modified to suit... If your interested please comment for more posts :)



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    so so nice that is my dream ,,plz circuit sechmatic and element pages,,please please help me to make it please

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    hi there add me on facebook : can help u better there , sorry for the late reply :

    Hi again thank you for response,i dont have facebook,f acebook is banned here !
    Or other!
    Really i need your help please.thank you

    it sure is i will do some more posts in the future to come of a cheap 25 watt radio including antenna designs this will give you over 10 km radius transmitting distance in city and around 15 - 20km in rural environment

    so so nice that is my dream ,,plz circuit sechmatic and element pages,,please please help me to make it please

    the range with this transmitter with a 6db vhf antenna tuned to 98.5 fm is approx 2 km radius further in an open environment obviously the height of the antenna makes a differance plus the antenna has to be have a low swr (standing wave ratio) mine is 1:1.5 however further instructables to come that will cover over 10 km radius with 25 watts output :) you may want to keep an eye on that one as I will be showing how to inject the rf into a two-way radio (low band vhf) to obtain the 25 watts rf output :) I will check out your transmitter now cheers for the comment :P

    Please Follow me if radio transmitting is a passion or hobby of yours more interesting things to come :)