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some of my foam props. comment if you want me to make an instructable for them.


GLaDOS_ (author)2016-04-18


blondfishie2 (author)2013-05-04

please make the instructable

gordonfreemanisalive 23 (author)2012-07-10

hi, could you make a foam crowbar?

you know from half life

mr. robot skull (author)2012-02-27

its finaly done


if the link dose not work copy and paste in browser

mr. robot skull (author)2012-02-16

i am working on it

thing 2 (author)2012-01-17

I would like to see the knife plus all the materials you used.

flapper501 (author)2011-12-16

Personally, I want to see that knife

unominame (author)2011-12-16

I would love to see an instructable on the diamond pickaxe.
You did a good job on these.

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