Picture of foldable tv thingy

this is something my mind told me to do
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Step 1: Things yo need

Picture of things yo need
2 3 hole peices

two long conecctors

Step 2: Putting together

Picture of putting together
first put a long connector in a three hole peice

Step 3: Putting together

Picture of putting together
then put the other long connector in the same three hole peice

Step 4: Putting together

Picture of putting together
put the other three hole piece on top of the long connectors

Step 5: Squashing

Picture of squashing

#1 Why is this in the nerf section?

#2 What the heck is this thing?

#3 A little explanation would be nice.

#4 A better name would be nice.
sithlil2 years ago
how come this comes up when i type nerf?
lemonie2 years ago

If your mind tells you to do something with K'NEX again, get a second opinion before doing it.
What is this thing, or what do you do with it?

It's Lego and I'm guessing it's supposed to look like a TV? Those sizes of Lego Technic would make that about right the size for a minifig's large plasma screen.

In the interests of constructive criticism, and bearing in mind that this is their first Instructable, I'd tell Someone35 to add more explanation and maybe try a more ambitious project next time, like furnishing an entire living-room/lounge with Lego props rather than creating an Instructable for a single 3-piece TV.

I get it now, thanks.
The TV needs to be stood up on it's stand, with a Lego figure sat in front of it, yes?

demonfox2 years ago
wow, what a waste of bandwidth.
mrflumps2 years ago
the trolling i like, the "thingy" not so much.
Soksume2 years ago
what does this magic device do "foldable tv thingy" speaks volumes to me.

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