Footswitch Mouse





Introduction: Footswitch Mouse

The footswitch mouse, an Instructable for all the people with index finger tired for doing so many clicks while browsing in Internet, specially when navigate the site-

I hope this idea will be useful for people like me, well, happy browsing.

Step 1: Parts Fot the Footswitch Mouse

1 old mouse
1 platform for support the footswitch
1 switch (game console switch)

Step 2: Soldering and Assembling

1- open the mouse
2- identify the place of buttons or terminals
3- assemble the switch
4- solder the switch to mouse terminals

Step 3: Use the Footswitch

you can start using the footswitch,

your index finger will be thankful!



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    Lag switch for xbox 360 online? :D lol - jk - but really, I came across this looking for a pedal controller idea to make for Amplitube 4, a guitar program - so I don't have to buy the crazy expensive usb foot pedal that you can get for it. - I think I'm on the right road!

    My adaptation of this:

    Instead of hard-wiring the switch to the mouse clicker, I put a 6.5mm jack socket in its place so I could use a footswitch I already had. To save having to rewire the USB lead the mouse came with, instead of drilling a hole into the project box, a slit was cut at the top for the lead to go through; so the lead couldn't move, a strip of electrical tape was put on the lead on either side of the slit.

    I labelled the jack input socket 'Left' so that in future I may be able to add one for the right-clicker! My main intention for this is to navigate my way through PowerPoint presentations...

    The reason for the large box is because for some reason I thought I'd put the whole mouse in there rather than just the circuitry. It works fine though - I can store the footpedal in there!


    is it right to use 250V-3A spst switch to connect in the mouse circuit?

    i hope that this project as i make will function. and this project footswitch can help to our disscusion to know more what is footswitch . thanks for the one who make this.

    very interesting concept. you should make another foot thing for the other foot to move the mouse around. just glue the mouse into a hole in a piece of wood. t Look Ma, NO HANDS!

    So, do you have this switch wired in parallel with the original switch in the mouse? Or do you use a USB mouse in addition to this foot switch? I'm not really clear on that... I was thinking it would be nice to build something that had left and right pedals, and even buttons that mapped to keystrokes.

    I have the footswitch in "parallel" mode with other two mouses ( one mini din y other one usb), and i use the three elements , for examle when my finger is so tired or so sensitive i can use the foot switch or the other mouse, sometimes i use the two mouses with the left left i move up and down with the rigt mouse i select and with the foot switch also select items when i am in the position .

    on my desktop I have 3 monitors (2 off of this laptop, meaning 1 is VGA, and the other is HDMI), while 1 monitor is running my Netbook (Ubuntu 9.04 off of a Asus EeePc 901 I scored for 200 bucks 6 mo ago (only 4 gb hdd tho). I find that this project would also be amazing to "reroute" my mouse from one computer to the other, without moving to a different mouse. More on the project later.

    At least in MS Windows, it doesn't matter how many "mices" you plug, they'll operate like one. I've tried this myself - if you plug two units and move them in opposing directions (with about the same speed) they'll cancel each other and the cursor will remain still. :)

    I know this is off topic, but THAT BUTTON IS AWESOME :D Wher'd you get it??