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Introduction: Fortune Teller Ostrich Egg

This egg was created for fun and the challenge of doing something new. I have come to love using electronic toys and LEDs in eggs. This egg has both. Children just love playing with this egg. There are 22 LEDs (not counting the eyes) and a motion and sound sensor. First; I needed to find a stand that would fit the theme, and was big enough to hold the batteries and speaker. The books were great because they have dragons embossed on them and are very detailed. It was originally the bottom of a water globe that I had found on the internet. Next was to find the largest ostrich egg possible. The head is from a Gemmy product that I took apart and cut up so it could fit into the egg.  I used 12 volt LED strips, bypassed the resisters, cut the circuitry in places and made bridges in others, so they would work in a 3 volt system. The mirror effect was achieved by using automotive window tint. The fortune teller has several different sayings.  I hope people enjoy this as much as I do.

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    Wow... i have never seen something so awesome and so creative... who would have thought that you could create something so artist out of an egg!!!! I have seen people carve and paint eggs before but this is on a whole new level by adding mechanics.... it must take you a long time just figuring out all the pieces and making them work-- and having to do so all within an egg... i am so impressed- do sell them?? or do you have a website with more eggs???

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    I wasn't sure this would work, but I do love Walt Disney animations, it just hard to fine things small. I did have to cut most of his head just to fix him in this ostrich egg. The lighting is important so you can see the fortune teller. It was the first time for me to use the 12 V LED Strip. Thank you for all your kind words. website

    Thank you, it looks cooler in person to me. Less reflection and brighter inside.

    This is very cool! I'm sad you do not have the pictures of you making your creation, but I completely understand why! Well done!

    This is really awesome. Did you take an photos as you were making this fortune teller egg? I would love to see a step by step Instructable!

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    thank you zazenergy for all the kind words. Unfortunately, I did not. I wasn't sure it would work. The spirit ball that the parts came from is very hard to find. I just purchased a Gemmy's talking head today. I'm working on the step by step instructions with photos for the Evil Jack egg.