How to make an airsoft grenade

Picture of how to make an airsoft grenade
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Step 1: Materials

woofle ball bat, hot glue, tissue, firecracker, rubber band, tape

Step 2: Make the cassing

Picture of make the cassing
cut of the handle on the bat then cut a piece of the bottom part of the handle and hot glue it on the other end of the handle

Step 3: Add the explosive

Picture of add the explosive
drop the firecracker into the tube and stick the fuse through the hole then tape the fuse to the outside

Step 4: Add the projectiles

poor 200 bbs into the tube

Step 5: Close the oppening

Picture of close the oppening
take the tissue and secure it with a rubber band on the oppening

Step 6: Test it

light the fuse and the it will explode sending the bbs flying out
the other guy (author) 1 year ago
basicly when it explodes the force of the explosion breaks the tissue sending the bbs flying out the open end.
So the idea is to turn a firecracker into a frag grenade? Or a fountain? I am not really sure what to expect... Do you have some pictures of this in action, or can you eyplain its purpose?

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