Introduction: "free" DIY Cable Caddy

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Make a free or next to free DIY cable caddy!

Step 1: Acquire a Dish

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Lots of people have either dish or directv, it doesn't matter who's brand name is on it. The best place to score a free dish is either apartments or stop a satellite installer on the road.

Step 2: Parts You Need

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A "strut" (dish network term) or monopole (directv term). A standard definition dish (the small round ones)

Step 3: Preparation

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Disassemble the "strut"

Step 4: Assembly1

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Bolt the larger side of the "monopole" to the mounting plate

Step 5: Assembly2

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Place the bracket in the center of the dish... Doesn't have to be exact

Step 6: Drilling Time

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Mark the locations of the 4 mounting bolts and drill!!!

Step 7: Bolt It Together

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Use the flat bolts you took out of the dish and place them face up in the drilled holes. Flat side up so they don't hook on the cable spool

Step 8: Tighten Bolts Til Flush With Bracket

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I use an impact, but a wrench and some elbow grease will do the same

Step 9: Result!

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When finished, yours should look like this! Drop a spool of cable on it and go!


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