Introduction: Free Energy From Rgb Leds Serially

8 rgb leds (common cathode) serially, sun, meter..... outputs 7 volts dc.
rgb led like solar cells...... it works. :) face up the sun and tilt it 35-40 degrees.


omunozb (author)2013-09-22

by the way, has anyone tested whether the same effect occurs with power LEDs? eg
2 high power 10 watts LEDS in parallel 11 volts and 900 mA = equal 11 volts and 1800 mA
2 high power 5 watts LEDS in parallel 7 volts and 700 mA = equal 7 volts and 1400 mA

omunozb (author)2013-09-21

this is the first step of something great.
i know, only 20 mA current, but it will be improved.
1 rgb led 1 euro/unit. but will be cheaper in a near future.
please I would like to hear ideas for improving the amperage.
thanks for watching. god bless you all.

cepi85 (author)omunozb2013-09-22

you can try using a black marker to color the bottom of the LED so that it attracts more light. Bye and good luck


quatch (author)2013-09-20

pretty expensive though. LED's tend not to generate very much current at all, but this is an excellent demonstration of how you can use an LED as a light sensor as well.

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