Free Shoe Laces!




Introduction: Free Shoe Laces!

shoes are cool.... but what makes them even cooler are laces. you can lace shoes in multi colored patterns. and ya know what makes them even look better? if there FREE that just brings a smile to my face.

Step 1: Go to Pac Sun

pretty self explanatory. There everywhere..... the malls a good place to go

Step 2: To the Shoe Section!

all right this is where it gets tough! you have to walk to the shoe section.... sit on the square cushion thing. now under the cushion is a box, it has laces inside of it. grab the laces of your liking.

Step 3: Get Your Laces!

go to an employee, and say " how much do these cost?" they will probably ask where you found them. you say" in the box" . they will tell you that they are extras and you can have them. and bam new laces!



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      I have to say that I don't think this is really stealing, since you are asking, not just taking. Can it really be stealing if you have permission?

      He's right: it isn't stealing. In fact, it's fraud. Still unethical, illegal.. and stupid. Laces cost a dollar or two. Just buy some laces.

      no the shoelaces you are getting are EXTRAS. . . it isnt stealing from ANYONE . no one loses anything.... and if the employees are fine with giving away the shoelaces you should be fine with getting them

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      they are not put in the boxes in the first place. they never were. for the last time they are extras. and pac sun doesnt even sell shoe laces. every box of shoes you buy come with shoelaces on it. and a bag of other ones.


      Yes you are. you will be eventually stealing from the person who will end up buying the pilfered box of shoes. When the time comes he needs new strings, instead of having the spare or extras , he would have to go back to the store and BUY NEW ONES. Something he didnt't have to do if SOMEBODY DIDNT STEAL the extra strings in the firs place. anyway you look at it, somebody is going to gain unduly and somebody is going to lose. here is my suggestion: wait for a buyer of the shoes. then ASK him if you could have the extras. Your logic and your values seems screwed up.

      no its not because your asking for them. . . in a round-a-bout manner


      Oh come on!. Your true intentions were to teach anybody how to steal shoe laces. that asking is just a crook's technicality to go around the rules. grow up man. you dont want to go burn in hell for a pair of shoe laces. even if you think you're not stealing from the store, you will be stealing from whoever buys the shoes. the economy's really that bad for you?

      Whether or not this is technically legal, it is a way to get free shoelaces as stated in the title and introduction. If the third step, "asking for the laces" was not present then this instructable would be submitted for review and most likely removed. However, the third step is there, does a flip through the loop-hole, and remains here for all eyes to see. As long as the economy projects to continue in this downward spiral I would suggest this instructable remain online, many skills that were used to get through the Depression are not used now and/or illegal to do. ....Huzzah for sharing

      Hey, anything to make it right?

      Gilo is right, you will burn in hell!, not just because of this, but mainly because Jesus wore sandals and it's a widely known fact that he hated laces.


      you are so right mikesaurus. ha ha ha.

      umm. no. Pac Sun is def. not a generic shoe shop.

      so i'm guessing Pac Sun is a generic shoe shop?