Here's a way to grow plants vertically using limited space and water.   It also allows seedlings to get up high into the sunlight, outwitting the aggressive invasive species in the yard, if you have them like I do.

You could make a flowering fence with these if you were so inclined.

I got the initial idea for this instructable from this one called "bottle towers".  However, mine are a little different in that they are free-standing and have a wicking system


Step 1: Supplies

About 6 empty plastic bottles, such as 2 liter soda bottles, or in this case Fiji water bottles.  The only restraint is they have to be able to stack concentrically once their bottoms are removed.

vapor mask

hot knife and/or scissors


strong stake


Love this!
Sweet! Thank you!
Paper bags might work in place of the coco. If you crumpled them up for texture and then used them to coat the inside of the bottle, it would protect the roots and wick water at the same time. You could rip holes for the leaf doors. <br> <br>I wouldn't worry too much about over watering as the excess should run into the soil. <br> <br>Great idea, especially for those with limited space.
That could work too! thanks!
What a great Idea :). Thanks for sharing, you could add some coco-peat in the soil to retain moisture.
I haven't heard of coco-peat yet, I will look out for it though. I'm trying not to buy anything to keep the costs down by just using compost started last year as the soil.
I love this! The only problem is that roots do not like sunlight, so maybe Tarun's idea of cocopeat could serve two purposes.
Sure, you could also paint the bottles with a plastic adhering spray paint if you were so inclined. Though if it is for food, maybe not. But, yah, we'll see how it goes. I'm thinking there's enough soil in there for the roots to spread out into the center of the bottle as well.
Great idea! What if you let the wick irrigate from a larger elevated water source?
that's a good idea too I think

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