Picture of fried oreos
Fried oreos are a state fair special. The ones at the Kentucky State Fair are especially good. I know because I have eaten lots of them. :D

Fried oreos are also a fun dinner party dessert because they're so easy to make at home. This might be a bad thing to share with the internets, and I might be contributing to the rise of obesity, but good lord they're good.

As my boyfriend said:
"It's like a pancake and an oreo had a delicious baby!"

He ate six fried oreos. This, my friends, is a man who knows what he's talking about.

Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of ingredients:
  • double stuffed oreos (If you're gonna do it might as well go all out!)
  • 1 1/4 cup pancake mix (I used Krusteaz buttermilk)
  • 1 tablespoon canola/veggie oil
  • 1 cup milk
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 egg
You'll also need a pot filled with canola/veg oil heated to 350 F. I used a probe thermometer to make sure my temp was staying where it needed to be! :D

hey my name is ashley and i love fried oreos

Good recipe! I got some solid reviews.
kottenkandy419 months ago
try frozen bite size snicker bars they are delicious too!!
kottenkandy419 months ago
omg these are heavenly
sabu.dawdy1 year ago

I don't know if I ever told u this but I used this recipe in my practicle lol and I stood place one

tclemmo2 years ago
These actually look quite delicious! I didn't think much of them, but that was before I saw them like this...
I made these for my family for christmas. At first (before they even tried them), my family found it a gross idea. Luckily, they gathered courage and tried some. They were all eaten in no-time. :D

Thanks for this wonderful recipe!
rock_jy2 years ago
next time, how about ice cream in it, if you are rapid cook~~~
rock_jy2 years ago
wow, i wanna have a taste on it...
wilgubeast2 years ago
There's no longer any need to attend a state or county fair. Touché, madame.
One of the best things I've made in a deep fryer. Now if only they were healthier. Haha
looks nummy. All that's missing is a wrap of bacon. ;)
aattura12 years ago
They taste like Chocolate Oysters
mishagirl82 years ago
mmmm... looks delicioso! cant wait to try! :D
valkgurl2 years ago
In case ya all missed the Fair this year--that would be the Washington Count NY Fair one of the OLDEST continous running Fairs in this country that is!!!!--after you pig out on the Fried Oreos try the Fried Pickles; Mars Bars; PB&J; Twinkies; Reeses Cups; Cheesecake--IS there anything MORE fattening and decadent than FRIED CHEESECAKE?--if there is please do not let me know I already HAVE my last meal planned!!!!

I heard once that you can deep fry pretty much ANYTHING if the INSIDE is FROZEN ie candy bars and cheesecake and the batter is the right thickness and the oil is HOT. The oil "Flash Cooks" the outside so the inside doesn't soak up as much grease as one might think. And then the heat makes the insides gooey but not runny.

I am sure I am forgetting some of the other Fried Goodness' but I think I sustained a little brain damage from the Cheesecake Episode.
jma5342 years ago

Thumbs up for FRIED EVERYTHING!!!!!
Spokehedz2 years ago
I am thinking about putting them on a stick before deep frying them. Easier to clean up, and plus everything tastes better on a stick.
fretted2 years ago
break Oreo's up in your favorite waffle mix ! now that's a yummy breakfast !
jessyratfink (author)  fretted2 years ago
That does sound excellent. :D Yet another reason to get a waffle iron!
crazyjack242 years ago
Do you a recipe of pancake batter made from scratch that would work well? Or would you just reccomend that I use my usual from-scratch pancake recipe?

Greetings from Germany ;)
jessyratfink (author)  crazyjack242 years ago
I would just use your from scratch recipe with a little less liquid. That should work perfectly. :D
Petric2 years ago
The Oreo's are already baked, if you fry them less nutritious value remains in the little if any they had before...Have fun.
monsterlego2 years ago
I've made these before, boy did i get sick :)
sunshiine2 years ago
I was raised on everything fried! I love fried foods BUT I try not to eat too many now but these look too amazing to pass up! Thanks for sharing.
city_of _2 years ago
i tried this with pancake batter and it was still great
rrkrose2 years ago
I think I just gained 5 pounds looking at these. Anyway, they look super yummy!
Dejaykomm2 years ago
I have recently stocked up on a huge box of oreos........... just need pancake mix now..... :-D
Jessy, you should visit Scotland, they fry everything there!
Deep fried pizza and deep fried mars bars are famous dishes, probably not good for the figure though.
VadimS2 years ago
Damn, that looks so wrong *secretly wishes he had Oreos to do this, but it to lazy to go to the grocery store*
oldmicah2 years ago
The look soo good: need to fry some up next we have a pot ready to do sourdough donuts! It's also nice that the pancake batter frys so well.
PitStoP2 years ago
Looks good Jessy. =) Does the Oreos get soft after frying them?
jessyratfink (author)  PitStoP2 years ago
Thanks! :D

And they do - the cookies soften a little bit, and the cream gets gooey. They're so good!
kelseymh2 years ago
You had me at "fried" :-)