Zombie Friend?





Introduction: Zombie Friend?

Who doesn't like friends? Okay, so zombies aren't the greatest of friends, but just look at that gentle soul behind those button eyes.

This project is very quick and a great way to put a use to those worn gloves or resurrect a lone glove.

Step 1: Materials.

Gather your materials and prepare for the resurrection.

-A Glove
-Something to use as eyes
-Embroidery thread

Step 2: The Creation Begins.

Cut thumb and ribbed wrist off of glove and stuff with preferred filling all the way into the fingers.

Step 3: Sewing the Head.

With embroidery thread blanket stitch the top of the zombies head. Do not do a perfect job here! Remember this is a zombie and who really wants a perfect zombie?

If you don't know how to blanket stitch there is an illustrated guide in the pictures. Once you come to the end of the head you can continue the stitches onto the face or tie off and add stitches somewhere else.

Step 4: Face Stitching.

You can continue by stitching the face in the same manner. I usually double over it just to give them a thicker look.

Step 5: Adding Eyes.

Get an idea of where you want your zombie eyes and attach. I like to use buttons, but you can also just draw them on, stitch them or use felt. (Really, you can use whatever you want as eyes.)

Step 6: Adding a Mouth.

I like to stitch on the mouth, but be as creative as you want!

Step 7: Raising the Arms in Zombie Like Fashion.

To raise the arms I use a thread that will blend in with the color of glove that I am using.

1. Pinch arm into position wanted.
2. Stitch through the top of the forearm connecting it to the underside of the cheek.
3. Continue across until zombie arm looks to be in position wanted and tie off.

Step 8: Finishing Touches.

Get out some makeup, dirt, art supplies, and make your zombie beautiful!

Here I just used some makeup to enhance some of his characteristics. I used eyeshadow and blush.

Then I sewed up his head wound leaving a little stuffing protruding. The stitches will ensure no more stuffing will come out and help keep the fiber showing in place.

Step 9: Friends!

Look at that! He's already made friends with a zombie made out of a gardening glove. It makes a mother proud!



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    That's pretty cute. Great re-use. 4.5 stars :-)

    Thanks. :) It's surprising how many things you can make out of a glove.

    This is the first Instructable I've tried, making the zombies were sooo fun!! here are pictures : (the brown one is Matilda and the white one is called Willie)


      Oh em gee, cute.

    Would the stretchy 'magic' gloves work for this? Or would they not be ideal? I'd like to make these for some of the kids at an orphanage near us. I'll have to buy the gloves, so if anyone has a link for some low-cost gloves that would work, I'd really appreciate it.

    Great instructable!


    Aww it's simple yet cute!!