Picture of zombie friend?
Who doesn't like friends? Okay, so zombies aren't the greatest of friends, but just look at that gentle soul behind those button eyes.

This project is very quick and a great way to put a use to those worn gloves or resurrect a lone glove.
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Step 1: Materials.

Picture of Materials.
Gather your materials and prepare for the resurrection.

-A Glove
-Something to use as eyes
-Embroidery thread

Step 2: The creation begins.

Picture of The creation begins.
Instructables 052.jpg
Cut thumb and ribbed wrist off of glove and stuff with preferred filling all the way into the fingers.

Step 3: Sewing the head.

With embroidery thread blanket stitch the top of the zombies head. Do not do a perfect job here! Remember this is a zombie and who really wants a perfect zombie?

If you don't know how to blanket stitch there is an illustrated guide in the pictures. Once you come to the end of the head you can continue the stitches onto the face or tie off and add stitches somewhere else.

Step 4: Face stitching.

Picture of Face stitching.
Instructables 081.jpg
Instructables 082.jpg
Instructables 083.jpg
Instructables 084.jpg
You can continue by stitching the face in the same manner. I usually double over it just to give them a thicker look.

Step 5: Adding eyes.

Get an idea of where you want your zombie eyes and attach. I like to use buttons, but you can also just draw them on, stitch them or use felt. (Really, you can use whatever you want as eyes.)

Step 6: Adding a mouth.

Picture of Adding a mouth.
Instructables 065.jpg
Instructables 054.jpg
Instructables 055.jpg
Instructables 056.jpg
I like to stitch on the mouth, but be as creative as you want!

Step 7: Raising the arms in zombie like fashion.

Picture of Raising the arms in zombie like fashion.
Instructables 058.jpg
Instructables 059.jpg
To raise the arms I use a thread that will blend in with the color of glove that I am using.

1. Pinch arm into position wanted.
2. Stitch through the top of the forearm connecting it to the underside of the cheek.
3. Continue across until zombie arm looks to be in position wanted and tie off.

Step 8: Finishing touches.

Picture of Finishing touches.
Instructables 063.jpg
Instructables 066.jpg
Get out some makeup, dirt, art supplies, and make your zombie beautiful!

Here I just used some makeup to enhance some of his characteristics. I used eyeshadow and blush.

Then I sewed up his head wound leaving a little stuffing protruding. The stitches will ensure no more stuffing will come out and help keep the fiber showing in place.

Step 9: Friends!

Picture of Friends!
Instructables 068.jpg
Look at that! He's already made friends with a zombie made out of a gardening glove. It makes a mother proud!
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anapet011 year ago
Aww it's simple yet cute!!
Bridges-PdP2 years ago
Would the stretchy 'magic' gloves work for this? Or would they not be ideal? I'd like to make these for some of the kids at an orphanage near us. I'll have to buy the gloves, so if anyone has a link for some low-cost gloves that would work, I'd really appreciate it.

Great instructable!

spongebob244 years ago
looks awesome and i am gonna make 1
Doofus894 years ago
=D Thank you sooo much I love my new zombie friend called Gilbert!! =D =D I shall defo be making lots more friends for zombie Gilbert =D hehe
kansasa4 years ago
They are SO cute! (in a dead zombie kinda way)
Thanks for the awesome idea! This was a fantastic way to spend my afternoon. I could only find a black glove in my closet so I decided to make a little Ninja Plushie. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, thanks for the great instructable!
I LOVE YOUR ZOMBIE FRIENDS!!  I have about 20 "left over" gloves from my preschool class...now that it is (almost) spring, I know just what to make with the gloves!  I'll send pics when I make some.  What a super fun and super quick idea.  Thank you!!
Wafflicious6 years ago
omg! i did this with one then i cut off the fingers from another glove and sewn it onto it to make a zombie octopus! it's amazing thanx!
  And no picture?!?!
Poe-tate-o (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
Good idea. Zombie sea creatures, the best of both worlds.
NOMNOMNOM6 years ago
This is the first Instructable I've tried, making the zombies were sooo fun!! here are pictures : (the brown one is Matilda and the white one is called Willie)
  Oh em gee, cute.
Little Davy6 years ago
I had a go at making my own out of an old glove I found, over Halloween. However instead of cutting off the thumb, I instead left it and turned it inside out, so it created a sort of damaged eye socket for the small eye. The darken eyes, were done with permanent marker and a safety pin above the eye. Giving the little critter an overall menacing effect. Thanks for the creative idea for this project.
zombie friend.jpg
oh wow that is a VERY impressive zombie nice job on that.  :)
Poe-tate-o (author)  Little Davy6 years ago
Looks great. I love the eye socket!
DannyG5 years ago
i'm a big fan of zombies and this lokks like a great gift to give to someone on halloween!!!
We should make a reunion to all the ZOMBIE FRIENDS!!
These are my fav! 5/5 . Vey nice job!
REally cute...now i just need a glove...
spacecappa6 years ago
i made mie a pirate. thes are so cool ant cuddly 5/5 for me
NOMNOMNOM6 years ago
And I made another one for my friend!! He doesn't like air conditioning :)
poser6 years ago
awesomeness!!!! they look cute >.<
DrWeird1176 years ago
Made about 30 using my aunt's thread and needles. Can you say: ZOMBIE GLOVE CROWD?? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *sits back down* Seriously, these are so cool. Thanks for something to do while snowed in. 5*
Kiteman6 years ago
I thought you'd like to know, I showed this to a colleague in the Art & Tech department at school, she raved about it, and now a whole year-group do this as a project.
Poe-tate-o (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know!
Hi, I continued on your zombie friends and made cyborg zombies. I have made an Instructable on them: cyborg zombies feeding on “dead” batteries
Poe-tate-o (author)  masynmachien6 years ago
Those are great! Thanks for the link!
Iridium76 years ago
would yarn work for thread?
Poe-tate-o (author)  Iridium76 years ago
As long as the knit isn't too tight it should work.
SFHandyman6 years ago
I really love this little guy. He is so well conceived and executed. The look on his face is perfect. You even installed the correct emotions! I sent a link to my niece (but I'll probably make one too!)
Poe-tate-o (author)  SFHandyman6 years ago
cgcamilo6 years ago
I made them with my students and they loved it! thanks a million. Any other clever Ideas?
mg0930mg6 years ago
Cool, may have to do this. lol.
A few ideas. Possibly, instead of using the thread thats close to your glove use the black, and it looks like you put a severed arm back on. :) Another thing, You could just cut off one arm, right? Also, around the head, could you singe it with a lighter, to look blackened, and burnt? Hmmm...Anyway, great job.
Poe-tate-o (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
Thanks for the good input. I was think of making one with the two center fingers removed which would make the arms the legs. And then using the pieces I cut off as arms. That way I could make the arms more misaligned.
Nice! Well, now i need to find an old glove.
Here is my version. I followed all of your instructions, and then I took a lighter and gave it an uneven burn to the tops. For the eyes, I used a jean button, and a khacki shorts button. I am going to give it to my dad's girlfriend for her birthday, hopefully she likes it.
Poe-tate-o (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
He's very cute. I like the choice of colors.
The colors were random, as I am colorblind. I can't tell what colors they are. lol.
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