Introduction: From Baby Wipes Box to Lady Jewlery Box

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This is a fun recycle project,
great for kids =)

Step 1: What You Need?

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Acrylic paints,
Baby wipes Box (or any kind of plastic box),
Fabric flower (or Ribbons),
Glue gun

Step 2: 4 Magic Steps

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1- Use sand paper to sand the surface of your box if it is glossy (you can skip this step if your box has enough texture to hold the paint)
2- Paint outside of your box with 2 layers of Gesso, wait for a couple hours to let it dry completely
3- Draw the pattern you like on the box with acrylic paints
4- Use glue gun to secure your fabric flower on top

Step 3: Tips!

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Please assist young children while using glue gun and wear a mask when painting the gesso,
sometimes the smell could be too strong to children or people with allergy.

If you don't have a fabric flower, you may use ribbon or some fabric scraps or craft pompom instead

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subajawa (author)2010-08-17

Great idea, looks nice.

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