Introduction: Frozen Chocolate Grapettes

like sucking on an ice cube that taste like a grape after you get through the chocolatey goodness.

Step 1: Gather

get clean grapes and toothpicks

Step 2: Dip

cover your grape in chocolate cake icing

Step 3: Arrange on Plate

after you dip you place on the plate. You can place them as fancy as you like, the sky is the limit.

Step 4: Freeze

place in freezer, close door, salivate.

Step 5: Enjoy

when its frozen, serve. frozen grapes without the chocolate are just as good and the kids will take longer eating a single grape.

Step 6:


ashleaf made it! (author)2014-08-20

I'll try this!

harrystyleslover123 made it! (author)2014-08-13

im going to try it

Danger is my middle name made it! (author)2014-07-24

Yum, I love frozen grapes and I love chocolate!

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