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so im a 3 year FTC member and im going into competition tomorrow and i am building a mount for my gopro to mount to my teams competition robot to get a robots eye view of the working parts so we can see whats wrong or needs tweaking or adjustment.

Step 1: Sanding and Prepping

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tools needed
:dremel rotary tool or sandpaper

1:so first using the heavy grit sandpaper tool put that in your dremel and get ready.
2:by using a vise put your FTC part in the vise and using the dremel sand it down until it looks compleaty scuffed up on that one side for the camera mount

Step 2: Mounting the Camera Mount

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tools needed
vise clamps

so now that you have the piece compleatly sanded you can now glue.
so i find that using epoxy is extremely strong for a lot of applications.
now then using your "epoxy' cover the sanded part with epoxy and using around 3 vise clamps hold the gopro mount on the FTC piece tightly until dry.

happy building


D.Cobbley (author)2014-01-11

Very nice. Might have to use that on our teams FRC robot :)

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