Fully Automatic Knex Gun Concept





Introduction: Fully Automatic Knex Gun Concept

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Hi every one this is a new Knex gun concept that I made.  It is fully automatic and it shoots grey Knex.  This is not my idea. it was made by Louis XIV but i made it fully automatic.  It uses 6 rubber bands and it is compact.  

CONS shoots so fast and makes a mess, no  trigger 

PROS compact and fully automatic

If you have any ideas on how to make it better please tell me and show me pix of your remix if you want 

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    its good i made a similar one once but you cant control how many bullets come out.....

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    thanks i might tinker with this idea some time but i first want to work on a new kind of mag that i might post if i can get it to work

    What types of range are you getting with this? I think it looks alright, but if you could somehow change the gun to utalize a trigger near the handle, that would be great.

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    yes this is just a prototype so i will fix all of that and make it look nicer
    it has a rang of about 15 feet

    I think I remember Louis XIV's concept, but just in case I'm wrong, you have to bump the bottom mag pusher to make it shoot right?

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    Yes but I put some rubber bands to push the pusher up so you don't have to and it just goes up by it self