Step 1: Body

Picture of body
make this
joelyboy945 years ago
 Your photos are fine and your guns wicked, but you mite find knex mlcad useful - there are quite a few annoying flaws in the program because its pirate, but if u manage u can make decent images and instructions. im not gonna lie its hard but tell me if u want the program
your photos arent showing up on the screen but other guns are.  Do you know what that is
mick75 years ago
This looks great!

devon345 years ago
it looks cool but is it good
i made this gun ages ago its great i might make it again later
thank you
Blackbird176 years ago
me too!
XiaoXiao1236 years ago
That looks awesome!! I'm gonna start building it!! Thanks!!
do you make both or is it just a view of the other side?
extreme builder (author)  wingchangwow7 years ago