Step 1: body

make this
You tell us not to make this gun yet you give us instructions.
<p>what's the range</p>
<p>Looks cool! Can't wait to build it!</p>
I've only got a little gear without tan connector hole, so mine slips cuz it isn't attached to the axle. How do I solve that?
Get two stub connectors (small blue things with no hole) and try pushing them close up to the gear
if u use the tan ones with the stubs on them u can connect them in the small holes in the sides of the gears
But then when the gear rotates, it would be blocked by that tan connector which would cause many problems
super glue
You can't
I need t say this... i isn't fully automatc, its crank action
the grey clip is broken a clip to hold the bb's <br>
Does it work with metal bbs?<br>
does not work
it is basicly a gattling gun in rifle size
mine wnt work no matter wat!! :(
As the description says, it's a prototype. I built it too, it is very unreliable.
when i built one it would blow up in my face every time but i will try again. it is ok if you make fun of me for it blowing up.
Ow..... That's... Unfortunate. <br> <br>I won't make fun out of you. It is a commonly known fact that most full-auto's have a tendency to blow up.
if you switched the gears they crank would turn faster
but there would be less torque causing it to struggle under more rubber bands
I added a motor instead of the crank and it became automatic.
plz find out a way to just use knex ammo and not airsoft bbs! it'd make meh happy. =D
the 'airsoft bb's' thing disappointed me :\
sry but i took this apart along time ago. we are moving soon so i cant do anything soon sry
i can add a barral to shoot green rods if u want
could you plz send me some pics or a clip on how todo this. thanx
cool, you ought to make a Mulcher from GoW2
Oh yeah what are those grey parts in the middle
Those grey parts in the middle of the barrel are 3 tan clips.
hey I have made a fully automatic knex gun that works with a totaly diffirent system that is never used before on a fully automatic one. So would you plz tell me wath you think about it ?? here is the URL: http://www.instructables.com/id/Fully-Automatic-knex-Gun-it-really-works-/
Great gun; try making a high mag, high power, bolt slingshot sniper! I've made one and it goes about twice as far because you use a bullet that slides on the rail, and the power is a slingshot.
i have seen it on you tube im paranid630
&nbsp;Your photos are fine and your guns wicked, but you mite find knex mlcad useful - there are quite a few annoying flaws in the program because its pirate, but if u manage u can make decent images and instructions. im not gonna lie its hard but tell me if u want the program
mine wont fire or pull back far enough.
you must of done something wrong than
i have thick rubberbands. but it doesnt slide all the way foward
I know what you mean. You've gotta add spacers (not connectors or there will be blocking something) here:<br /> <br /> <br />
i dont know what to tell you. try less rubberbands
your photos arent showing up on the screen but other guns are.&nbsp; Do you know what that is
i made this gun end it sucks wen i want to crank it brokes
very cool gun does the mag works good?<br /> i gonne make this gun now<br />
you should make more steps for&nbsp; num 2 but besides that its great<br />
hi i'm just wandering what knex sets you would need to make this because i can't buy individual pieces please help and i live in australia
<strong>&nbsp;Please Help</strong> I fixed the problem I commented on, but my gun only shoots 2 centimeters at best. &nbsp;HELP!!!!!
&nbsp;Thats not a fully auto gun a fully automatic u just pull the TRIGGER, witch yours doesnt have, and it fires everything in the magazine
&nbsp;Please Help!!! &nbsp;I built it and the firing pin won't go back far enough to let the BB in. &nbsp;HELP!!!!!!!
hey extreme builder im going to attempt to mod your full-auto knex gun to shoot rods using your 12shot mag design if i cant post it than try it out,it might lead to yayness<br />
ROBLOX!!!! I quit... i got ubuntu ... no more&nbsp; microsoft :(<br />
LINUX ROCKS !!!!<br />