fun and cheap!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

what you need.

Step 2: Step:2

pull tricks

Step 3:

cut it

Step 4:

take these

Step 5:

put them together

Step 6:

wrap it up

Step 7:

tape it up

Step 8: Note

>the more pulltricks yo have the more tape you need
>i one used about 6-10 pull tricks
>light it and have fun
<p>where do you get pull tricks??????</p>
thats a pretty good idea . how much was the fuse at cannon fuse.com
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Super time consuming
I take the powder out of 9mm pistol rounds.
Yes easier *if i had 9mm rounds*
yeah, you can make armstrongs mix too
I also Buy pyrodex gunpowder at my gunsmith
Great instructable mattaka, but can i use a match powder fuse for the pull tricks firecracker.
And insted of pull trick can i use party poppers and a sparckeler.
Hey this is a really cool instructable and an awsome vidio. Just to a guy like my who lives in Canada where can i get a good fuse?
if you need a fuse, you should make one. roll a string in wet gunpowder and let it dry, or there are other instrucables on how to make fuses.
where are you in canada? if you are in montreal, you can go to marchez au puce and some guy sell fuse/firecracker
you can actually find instructables on here on how to make'em, idk how but just type it up and ull find it
sorry guys i trul am <:-.(.....
And <em><strong>how</strong></em> is this an Instructable?<br/>

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