Picture of Simple Jumping Toy
An easy DIY toy that jump anywhere from 1-10 feet (higher?). Not ideal for kids, unless they like being pirates.

Thanks for the votes in the Klutz competition, although it does seem like a gimmick for a dieing company who needed more ideas....oh well!

This project may be an eye hazard, so keep your child under close supervision, unless they are into eye patches..

Everyone likes comments,so keep them coming!

Step 1:

Picture of
1 straw
tape ( I used duct tape)
1 skewer
1 rubberband

You also need some scissors
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gizmokid973 years ago
Really cool stuff!!! I love simple mechanism toys which get their energy from nothing but just a rubber band..... keep it up,dude!!!!!!!!
slimmsammy5 years ago
 what the heck is this crap
you drop it on the floor and it bounces remember he said it was for KIDS.
actually your supposed to hold it on the floor, pull it down, and let it go. :-)
kylekosan234 years ago
Delo974 years ago
I made one some time ago... I used a empty pen and a "fatty" rubberband....it flew over a 3-floor building... I think it may have killed someone if I wasn't so lucky that it simply broken into concrete...
The Y Delo974 years ago
omg so that was you!!!
that did realy hurt....
Delo97 The Y4 years ago
1.That would have killed you;
2.Where do you live?
The Y Delo974 years ago
holland :$
eneergcam (author)  Delo974 years ago
haha, thats intimidating..
glugnar4 years ago
Love it :D. This shoots about 10 feet (but I'm about to go into a room with a bigger ceiling, that should take off the barrier lol)
Great job.

glugnar glugnar4 years ago
Aww, never mind, I would have to add a stronger band and i don't feel like it yet, anyway great 'ible, keep up the good work :D.

4te4 years ago
it is not safe! so its absulutly not for kids! unless you want your kid's eye injured
kenzi50198 4te4 years ago
they did warn so its not like they didn't warn you
sdtacoma 4te4 years ago
"You'll shoot your eye out."
eneergcam (author)  4te4 years ago
I know I know, i put a warning, but since it was in a contest, it wont delete
yoshi14 years ago
WOW!!! These are awesome!
And if you don't think they are safe wear goggles.
bhumphreys4 years ago
55338886 years ago
That is so cool! Is this your first instructible?
eneergcam (author)  55338886 years ago
the cheat!?!?!?!
eneergcam (author)  mr.noris4 years ago
Good eye chuck
This is really detailed and thourough for your first instructable. BTW, Great idea!!!
eneergcam (author)  Saturn V5 years ago
thank you! i guess its pretty cool since the supplies aren't hard to find (unlike every other instructable, haha)
not all instructables have hard to find materials (just look at the paper airplanes!)
nikeman765 years ago
its wicked easy to make... very common household objects... fun... not a lot of time to make it!
eneergcam (author)  nikeman765 years ago
i believe wicked is spelled with a y...."wycked" haha just kidding, but it is on Carl's car on ATHF! and i know, right?
JMR965 years ago
Hey, great idea. So right when i saw this i put it to the test. I got a BIC pen, took out the inc holder thing so it was just the tube instead of the straw, and then followed all the steps. I showed my dad this great idea and he told me to add wings to it. So i got two buissness cards, folded them to a triangular shape and then taped them on.
eneergcam (author)  JMR965 years ago
haha, thank you! and i never really though about doing that, cool, i never really did much with these, im glad you are though!
Earths_hope5 years ago
fire em off a wall at an angle! exellent instructable!
eneergcam (author)  Earths_hope5 years ago
 haha, thanks!
muffinmann5 years ago

eneergcam (author)  muffinmann5 years ago
 is this good or bad?

eneergcam (author)  muffinmann5 years ago

jose1ca5 years ago
this is awsome how did you think of it eneergcam?
eneergcam (author)  jose1ca5 years ago
 actually, i just got a bunch of stuff out, and came up with this! haha, im watching School For Scoundrels.
kinda stupid but still cool! :D
eneergcam (author)  MrMadmonkey45 years ago
 yeah, i didnt know that anyone one would like it! pretty dang useless!
jack penny5 years ago
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