Step 4:

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Slide the cut skewer into the straw and tape the top of the rubberband to the top of the skewer.
jose1ca5 years ago
this is awsome how did you think of it eneergcam?
eneergcam (author)  jose1ca5 years ago
 actually, i just got a bunch of stuff out, and came up with this! haha, im watching School For Scoundrels.
jack penny5 years ago
SPYBOOM6 years ago
This cool gadget also works wonderfully well as a type of pinball launcher using marbles and high-bouncing balls. We have been using it to play our own variations of mini pool. Optionally, a small variation is to put a thumbtack on the end of the skewer (mostly for aesthetic reasons). Thanks, eneergcam!!!
eneergcam (author)  SPYBOOM6 years ago
no prob.