Fun With the Longshot Cs-6




Introduction: Fun With the Longshot Cs-6

 why just use ur longshot as a gun lets do some more!

Step 1: Lets Make a New Gun

 turn it into a gun i turned mine into a halo assualt rifle(not finished yet)u can do the same or different just let your imagination go wild

Step 2: Mod It

 i havent done this but u can it will take a drill and screwdriver but it makes ur gone a lot more powerful

Step 3: Spin It

 no picture but  grab cocking thing with two hands gain momentum and spin!!!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Fin

 there are a lot more but for now thats it ty for reading



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The hell? This isn't a mod this is basic knowledge for that gun, I believe it comes on the instructions

nice but um y is there a goblin

that is not very interesting the only reason i clicked on it is the shaking goblin head

that can be taken in the complete wrong context...

Thanks, I didn't read it THAT way the first time.

What up with the goblin dude?

dude, the halo assult rifle has the clip go on the back (i think) and you should have painted it before you put it online man.

old pic before even hit puberty

 im gonna paint it billy