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this is my first instructable, i've seen a lot of instructables written for the contest, but there are more a photo collection than an instructable, so i really hope that someone find this one usable, btw, this garden was made strictly for this contest, so that was done in under two weeks (and finished two hours before deadline, so, that was why the night shots), and was really really cheap,so...

List of Material
Bermuda Grass Seed         1 lb
Organic Fertilizer                   1 Sack
Brick                                         100 pc
Peach Tree                             1 pc
Begonia                                   2 pc
Beaucarnea                            1 pc
Antigonon leptopus               1 pc
Cupressus macrocarpa       2 pc
Construction Blocks             20 pc

once you have all the material lets do this...

first, you have to have in mind what you want to do, i did a draft on google sketch up,
my house have some footsteps, 27 of 20"x20" and 9 of 3'x20", i took them out and rearrange them to form a single path directly to the door house, also i formed another path to the patio door.

i planted two Cupressus Macrocarpa (A.K.A Lemon Cedrus) on each side of the front door

i dig a few constructions blocks to separate my house from the next one

then i raise the levels, three on this case, then put in ever one of them a lot of sand, taken from the garden itself, i used bricks to lit each level and raised it from the previous one.

then to seed the grass the process is this....

first, take out the rocks where you want to plant the grass
next add a layer (about an inch) of rock free sand
then, put the seeds uniformly
and finally add a layer of organic fertilizer (about half an inch)

for the rock, it's easier than anything,

first level the ground.
then put some plastic to avoid sand to get free
and finally put the rocks on the plastic.... done!

thanks for watching :)



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    How to insert those yellow boxes in pictures

    just click on the image of your instructables, like tagging in facebook

    Thanks and cool ible by the way, have a look at my most recent ible as well...

    go on baby!