If you have a yard like mine, where there is an overgrowth of spiny blackberry vines that is ever advancing, you have to have your snippers at the ready any time you go outside for any length of time. 

Here's how you can make a holster that will keep your snippers handy and yet be otherwise out of your way.

Step 1: Materials

empty bottle of dish soap in an appropriate shape
quick release buckle
long strap or thin scrap of fabric 
vapour mask
hot knife
spray paint that will adhere to plastic
sewing machine

<p>Great idea foobear! Good Reuse too.</p><p>I'm somewhat concerned about the sharp blade poking out the bottom, however. How about leaving the neck on the bottle without the cap. That way the blades are hidden and detritus can still drop through the bottle's mouth.</p>
Good idea! But how about saving a step (the painting) by using a plastic bottle that is manufactured in a solid color...like a shampoo bottle, etc.
Sure, yes, if the bottle looks good as is, why not. Makes sense to me
It's cool going to make one for myself thanks
awesome! =)
I'm guessing those extra holes were for putting thread through to secure the strap better. Why didn't you do that?
Since you asked, I'll add an explanation of that. You're right, my first design included two belt straps there, but I found that that made the holster swing around too much and required two hands to get the snippers out. This redesign allows one-handed access to it.

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