Picture of gardenlighting

If you want to build a recycling gardenlight, you only need the following items:

1 canister 2.5 l for glass cleaner or car cooler liquids

1 lamp socket E 14 with energy-saving lamp

1 2-wire cable

1 junction box

1 Timberboard 20 cm x 3 cm about 200 cm long

4 Woodscrews

1 round wooden stick 15 mm Dia. 300 mm length

Step 1: Cut the wood

Picture of Cut the wood

Cut the Wood according to the dimensions of your canister.

Make the top part a little bit wider, so that you are able to adjust the ability of the unit to clamp the canister.

grimm37 (author) 1 year ago

It is hard to make a good night Photo, when it does not really get dark and the ─║ight

of the lamp is quite strong. I hope you like it.


I would love to see how this looks at night.

Kiteman1 year ago

How does it look in the dark?