Step 2: Cut the Gear Shapes Out

This particular pattern has a hole sized so that if the big gear is approximately 3 inches wide, the hole just fits a size 10 machine screw which can serve as the axle

cut the gear shapes out of both craft foam and posterboard

A craft cutter is probably essential for this.

I've attached a Make the Cut project in case you have one
nice work
oh thx!
<p>you're welcome m8</p>
<p>wee wee</p>
<p>wow kool picure dood</p>
<p>do you have a template for the gears? That would be nice to include so I can borrow to cut out of wood? Just a thought since all your gears work!LOL Anyhow, great project...thanks! One can laminate wood to get the same effect...</p>
<p>how can we open .mtc file?</p>
<p>super cool! </p>

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