Get a Dvd/vhs on Your Computer With No Software to Get





Introduction: Get a Dvd/vhs on Your Computer With No Software to Get

exactly what the title says

Step 1: Gather You S****

You need a computer with a fire wire need imovie or windows movie maker
An AV-RCA cable with a 3.5mm head
DV camera(has firewire port and rca 3.5mm jack in it)
Dvd player/vcr
dvd/vhs tape
Fire wire.

Step 2: Connect and Import.

TO do this step:
1 plug the yellow/red/white and of the cables in the movie player. the headphone looking side to the camera

2 Hook your camera up to your computer via fire wire

3 Put your movie in the player and turn it on.

4 Turn your camera to playback mode

5 You should see your movie on the cameras screen

6 Open up movie maker or imovie and go to import.

7 press play on the vcr or dvd player

8 import your movie. that will take a while so go do something to pass time

Step 3: Export Your Movie

when your movie is finally done stop press the stop import button or button with that functIOn.
if you are using movie maker it will take a long time for your movie to import after you press the final ok.
put the movie in your timeline.
WINDOWS: press File-> Save movie file
Mac: File-> export
wait for it to export and viola you have a movie on your computer!



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    Should help me import those old VHS personal tapes into my desktop.

    Is this perfectly legal? Just asking.

    Technically speaking, I do not think this is legal, because you are copying copywrited property.  However, if you only make one copy, and do not give the VHS to anyone else, you are obaying the spirit of the law.  There is also the question of enforcement.  The government has better things to do than to search you house for copied DVD's that you are neither selling or showing publicly.  As long as you dont try to make a profit, I do not think there will be any trouble.

    If I have to be nice I'll skip making a comment on this one lol

    Haha made this when i was 12 and didnt know much about anything. Oh how things change


    I believe this works fine only IF the camera has a video input instead of just output. Most models I´ve seen don´t come with that.

    Household hacker. I LIKE IT!

    the video won't come up on my camera screen but i did every thing it says

    lol i notice you're playing lost on you're camera, and something else on the monitor. Do you actually need the firewire, or would usb 2.0 work? Is it because firewire supports higher data transfer speed or something? Or just that your're camera only has a firewire cable?

    its not lost. its wild hogs. IF your camera can import in real time w/ usb go for it