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Introduction: Get Rich Quik in Anamil Crosing

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I will show you how to get very rich very fast using a little cheat cheat that i found out.

(i check my comments every day, so if you have a problem, concern, or and edit you would like me to know, just post a comment and ill get back to you very fast! stay classy!)

this hack will give your town a weed problem, and roaches in your house. You can just step on the roaches and they will dye (their virtual, so no harm done ;)) But that is just a sacrifice you will have to make if you want lots of mula!!

Step 1: Gather the Money

once you have booted up the game, gather up at least 20,000 bells for this trick to work. (if you don't have 20,000 bells see last step) After you have to 20,000 bells go to the city hall in your neighborhood and walk up to the mail counter and access your account and save all the money in savings. then save and shut down your Nintendo DS.

Step 2: Change the Date

boot the DS back up then on the home screen their is a tiny picture of a DS, click on that then go to the blue section and to the calendar and change to date 30 years ahead. (from 2008-2038)

Step 3: Re Boot the Game

now turn of the DS and reboot the game.

Step 4: Collect the Doe!

now when you go out side after you have booted up for the last time, you will notice the their is a letter for you in the mailbox, open you mailbox and find the letter from the town hall, it should tell you you have made over 99,999 bells in interest!! (it says 30 days I don't really know why) collect the doe!

Step 5: Yay Your Done!

so now you know how to get free huge sums of money, go get rich and beet the game in less than a day like me!.
*so if you don't have 20,000 bells, you can always sell all your furniture to tom nook and when you get Enough buy all of it back like I did, or you can take fruit and sell that and random items you find when you are walking along the beach.



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    Hahah! Cheater! :D

    P.S. Thats actually an Ape, not a penguin bro... :/

    P.P.S I think this might work with New Leaf...

    it watches you... it knows when you forget to play and it will force you to play...

    so, what your saying is the game has a mind of its own, and its going to physically force me to play the game for hours on end?

    if you mean if i could get away from it, yes, but only if i paid off my house. i just got a friend of mine to hack his game and give me four million bells.

    interesting, I've never heard of the game doing that, I'm sorry it happened to you

    Only a couple of problems: 1. You said: "Be nice this is my first instructable". 2. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    4 replies

    "Really you going to be mean because I can't spell? That seems a tad bit harsh don't you think?" Not harsh. Just accurate. You don't have to be able to spell. They have a spell checker.

    Yeah, it does. It is more convenient for a reader. When someone is looking for instructions, they are looking for something that is easy to read and understand, not a word jumble. Whenever I see an instructable that is impossible to read, I don't read it.

    you should set the date to 30yrs in future before you start. I think i did this with trial software back in the 90s before anyone thought of it. set my computer to 2050, download trial software, open, "attention: you only have 379488 more days until your trail expires, buy now?"

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    that was a very good instructable but can u go back and still have money.