Get Rid of Ladders With Climbing Wall





Introduction: Get Rid of Ladders With Climbing Wall

For the kids room, that is very small, I take the stares for the upper bed and install a climbing wall. I buy the hand holds, but you can made it youself here:

My kids enjoy it very much



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What a fantastic idea; thank you for sharing. I'm thinking now about maybe making one whole wall of the playroom into a climbing wall :-) Do they have to be mounted onto studs in order to support weight?

I want to apologize for my last comment or at least the way I only commented on the misspelling because the 1st part was true. I realized the spelling could have been from a program and if english isn't your first language you would not realize it was wrong. Then I realized that we were both wrong because a bunk bed doesn't have stairs, it has a ladder ! Either way this is a great project that I am sure the kids love now and will always remember... Thank you for sharing your project

I was thinking you would be attracting stares not getting rid of them by climbing walls, I realize now that you meant stairs..

Great idea! Though when i was a kid i was no where near ninja staus! Haha :] Very cool!

P.S. "Stares" Should be Stairs :] <3