Step 4: Finished

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finally once 3gp is installed download some videos and run them through 3gp 1 at a time and you should up with two files after a video has been ran through already renamed to work with the psp

the files should be a video m peg 4 the other one should be thm file they should be called something like e.g M4V34346(the mpeg 4video) and M4V34346.thm

now with the 2 files just copy them into the file 100mnv01 and hey presto wen u disconnect goto videos and the video should be there

and also i'm sorry for my stupid first instructable

(if the thm file doesn't come or you dont find it make a copy of the mpeg 4 video and rename it .thm and there you should have a thm file)

heres a thm file once you have saved it or downloaded it make a copy and rename it to .mp4 now just copy both files into 100mnv01 and watch

this method is proven to work without faults over and over so if there are any or u have problems just email me @ nabs_m_g@live.co.uk and I'll reply to u asap (by asap i mean straight away)
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