there are some instructables that explain how to get you tube to i pod but i haven't got any to work on my Sansa so i decided to make my own. =) (this is my first instructable) and it is pretty easy.
(note: you must be running fire fox) don't forget to rate

Step 1: Download Switch

first download the trial version here http://www.nch.com.au/switch/

Step 2: Download Net Video Hunter

Step 3: Hard Part

open you tube and pick a video you would like and let it load when your done watching it click on the net video hunter (nvh) now fallow the pics

Step 4: Switch

open the prism video converter software, plug in sansa and follow the pics

Step 5: Your Done!

now unplug your Sansa and check in your videos it should be there if not private message me and i will try to help
Try to add more to it, because this looks unprofessional, maybe some pics or a video
oh i know this is late but i did put pics up but now there gone?
Where are the pics now?
ok thanks i didnt have too much time
This is amazing help!! THANKS ALOT!!

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