Getting Music Off Your Fancier Newer Ipods (windows XP)





Introduction: Getting Music Off Your Fancier Newer Ipods (windows XP)

so basically i tried the trick of getting music off my sisters 8gig 3rd gen nano, and it would work. my computer would show the ipod as a drive, im assuming that apple discovered this and fixed it. but really all it takes it messing with the drivers on your computer that are downloaded when you first plug in your ipod. dont worry this wont ruin how your ipod normally function (or it didnt for me) with your computer.

soo lets begin

Step 1: Plug It In

the easiest part

Step 2: My Computer

now then if you go to my computer and look under "devices with removable storage" their wont be an ipod or anything that looks like a flash drive icon. if there is an icon with your ipod's name on it, then dont waste your time and look at my other instructable and do this the easy way.
anyway, now go to the "change a setting" button the far left column. this will bring you to your control panel...

Step 3: Control Panel

now click on "printers and other hardware", then on the far left column again click on "add hardware". then a wizard will pop up, click next. it will then search for a new hardware plugged into your computer, but it wont find one.
click "yes i've plugged it in",
now scroll down the list till you find, apple "Ipod USB Device"
it will then fool around for a bit, just click next then finish.

Step 4: The Finish Line

so now going back to my computer, there will be a flash drive looking icon with your ipods name in it! yay!, then my other instructable to figure out how to get the music off your ipod.

and one more little thing, when your done using the wizard the help and support window may open, ignore it, exit, live on

cheers enjoy

problems? try repeating the process, still not working then message me..

link to my other one:

Step 5: One More Thing...

so the only problem I've ever had with this, has a simple fix.
my computer had no idea what to use to look at the files on the ipod, the fix is to right click then select autoplay. then your computer will do scan everything in it and then you can examine it like would a flash drive.



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Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!

So your name is tyson? Try blurring a bit more next time to hide your name.

meh not a huge stretch from my username anyway

maybe if your user name is that close you have a problem already

Okay so i need help... i believe i have a nano 3rd gen not realy sure... i can pull the music and stuff off of it but none of it will go to itunes... i am using windows 7 but i just did it last night with my brother in laws and it worked fine... any advice?

I dont have the apple ipod usb in this list. What am i doing wrong? i have a 4th gen btw

I did everything but my device does not appear on the list. Also i did check show hidden files and folders. Nothing works i have tried everything

im pretty sure that says tysons documents

I agree

It dosent work with windows seven because it is too smart for its own good :'(