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here's a bit about what's involved in building crazy costumes like Ghost Rider

Step 1: Kate Riding Bike in Parking Lot

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Wow! Great job!

mchau2 (author)2014-11-15

well done! ghost rider is one of my favorite marvel character, wow real fire blow me away... i dare anyone to press the I made it button... you make instructable a more interesting place...

buffy.irwin.7 (author)mchau22014-11-15

Thank you! one thing and probably why my creations are unique is because they are usual partly insane lol. no one else would wanna try. besides that the work to accomplish matching the vision is unbelievable, Appreciation by ppl like yourself who understand the craft make it all worth the effort.

ecsaul23 (author)2014-11-12

Awesome work! You are a brave one to wear fire!

buffy.irwin.7 (author)ecsaul232014-11-12

Yes I am and handsome Too. LOL. No it was perfectly safe there is a steel frying pan between me and the fire, I used exhaust fan to make sure no trapped gasses could gather beneath the skull, inside the body with me. if you watched the video the effect was fantastic and some were worried but I was never in any danger and was always in control of the flames.

buffy.irwin.7 made it! (author)2014-11-12

some of the detail you can see the horse skeleton from the front angle.eyes and mouths show flame inside.and skull on fire.

SpicyPandaCreations (author)2014-11-06

wow. that is wild! real fire too!! .. now that is commitment lol

thank you . I didn't get to see the fire till I got the video lol. While in the costume had no idea the flames where that high. all I heard was everyone cheering. costume was a hoot to wear.

buffy.irwin.7 (author)2014-11-04

hey am I a hero or a villain? sortta both I'm a Demon but I do good

mrvega1 (author)buffy.irwin.72014-11-05

No. Where can I find it?

buffy.irwin.7 (author)mrvega12014-11-05

click on the pic of ghost rider to get to my instructable then on bottom video or here.

mrvega1 (author)2014-11-05

That's awesome

buffy.irwin.7 (author)mrvega12014-11-05

did u watch the video with it driving in on fire?

buffy.irwin.7 (author)2014-11-04

people talk to me what do u think? It was so much fun to wear, almost glad that my helper didn't show up. To keep the effect at it's best I had designed costume for a girl 5' tall to wear, so that Ghost Rider would be 6' in over all height. she ditched me 2 hrs before leaving so I modified costume so I could wear it. Glad I did. it was a blast and still looked pretty good

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-02

That's an awesome costume! As of right now your mp4 doesn't seem to be working. You might want to try reuploading it.

think I fixed it check out the ghost rider driving into the club

Mr. Noack (author)2014-11-02

Leslie, you need to embed the youtube video url in one of your steps. Awesome costume! Even better in real life!

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