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Introduction: Giant Mallet

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Smashing things is great fun, and really satisfying to witness in slow motion. Follow along as I build a giant mallet from an old log, then smash all kinds of things while filming with a high-speed camera.

Ready to smash? Click the video to satiate your slo-mo smashing desires:

I made this mallet from hollowing out a log that I used to make my log card box to keep envelopes. The log was first cored using a bandsaw, slowly working the blade around the inside of the log until the middle was separated and removed. Due to internal stresses inside the wood I needed to use small wedges to keep the log from binding up on the bandsaw blade as I cut.

Once the core was removed I used a 2" diameter drill bit to create an opening through the middle of the core, then cleaned up the edges with a round-over bit. I bought a 2" wood dowel that was about 4' long and cut a slit pattern in one end. Wood glue was applied inside the core opening and the dowel was inserted slit end first until completely seated inside the core. While the glue was still wet I drove a wood wedge into the slit in the dowel, then drove several steel wedges in opposing directions to secure the dowel inside the core. After letting the glue dry overnight the mallet was ready for smashing action.

Now, if only I had a few watermelons lying around...



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    I think this is the god of mallets. Can´ t do any woodworking with this though :D

    Sledgo-o-Matic Lives!!!!!

    Thats a smashing project mate ;)

    Whatever happened to Gallagher, anyway? Awesome smasher, btw!

    Reminds me of Myth Busters somehow! Looks like out of a cartoon, you must be a clever man who knows what to spend his time on.

    yayayayayay!!! Excited that now I can watch my old iPhone being smashed to bits whenever I get mad at technology. :D

    Smashing things with giant mallet = sheer joy.

    Love it!

    I totally thought to ask you if you were going to use that core for something! It didn't take long for you to come up with an idea though! That's an impressive mallet. Now to build the strong-man bell ringing game to go along with it!