Step 4: Continue Moustaching

  • Oh yeah, I also moustache'd a giant Simon Cowell. Take that!
  • I found a beautiful spray paint mural outside a Japanese restaurant, so I obviously 'stache'd it.
  • Even a billboard model for a fashion store was powerless to stop a moustaching.

The moustache wants what the moustache wants; and the moustache wants to be all up in your face.
It is cool and all, but isn't this illegal?
It's not vandalism if it doesn't damage property... And this is non-damaging unless you use epoxy to apply them.
Okay. Sweet. Now to just find a bill board my mom will let me climb on to.....
The Banksy of &quot;staches! lol That billboard stache' set's it off!! <br>
Did you skip the step where you say what you stick them on with? I assume the duct tape, though it would be helpful to spell it out.
yup, Step 3: <em>&quot;<u>Rubber cement and tape was used to stick these mondo moustaches.&quot;</u></em><br> I've edited it to make it clearer, thanks!<br>
Neat! Hope you can get them off =)
wait? how do u make them stick?<br>
or duct tape
he used rubber cement and tape to stick them to stuff. personally i like rubber cement for paper stuff(such as billboards) and tape fer just about anything else.
Holy frridgin crabs, this awesome project just became more awesome!
Gee officer, I was just trying ti make him look cool.
Hysterical! Thanks for the belly laughs!
LOVE IT! It's like an &quot;instant Tom Selleck&quot;.<br>You, sir, deserve the Golden-Moustache-Comb award.
LOL Love it. :)
This is hilarious!
so which one is the mannequin? Seriously this is moustachificul! (okay I know that is not a real word). Good work though.
I once was boring... than i got a mustache. :3
I MUST DO THIS!! I will!
Your character is shining through! This is funny! Thanks for sharing!
cool! the simon moustache could've been more detailed, but it still lokks awesome otherwise
Who is that moustached man?? We'll never know. All we can say for certain is that he's rather awesome.
Good effort! extra points for getting Cowell and bonus points for taking the effort to make gifs!

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