Remember those carefree, halcyon days of middle school? Bending paperclips to your every whim? Well, now you're grown. And your paperclips should grow, too. But a giant paperclip on it's own only has limited use, it really needs to serve a function beyond the obvious

By bending the top of arc of our novelty-sized paperclip we can make a giant paperclip coat hook, the perfect stationary accouterment to keep your coat and hat stationery. 

Making your own crazy-huge paperclip is easy; you just need a long aluminum rod (found in most hardware stores), a paperclip for reference, and a calculator to work out some numbers.

Enough talk, let's make!

Step 1: Tools + Materials

  • calipers
  • calculator
  • marker
  • aluminum rod
  • cylindrical objects to bend aluminum rod around 
  • mounting brackets

<p>just what i needed for my rediculus sized documents</p>
The listed section lengths add up to 4.455&quot;, not 3.89&quot;. But, I guess this was just provided as an example, for the reader to measure on their own. :) I see the 3.89&quot; in the picture, so that one must be right.
This is what happens when you're trying to work things out in metric and imperial for the benefit of readers. The numbers I measured may be a little off but the concept is sound, as long as you measure and scale correctly you should be fine. There's also a factor of "wiggle-room" with this, as it is a prop. <br /> <br />Are you planning on making one? I would love to see your results!
Yes, very solid concept, good job! I am not trying to criticize, just noticing the discrepancy in case someone wants to skip the calculation part.<br><br>I did make one! My wife wanted a giant paperclip to give out as an award in our triathlon club. It is for a new guy that has been doing the local &quot;paperclip&quot; cycling route with the road bikers. It will be the &quot;Paperclip Survivor Award&quot;.<br><br>I used an Excel spreadsheet to scale the measurements so I could use a 6' steel rod that I found. I couldn't find an aluminum one. <br><br>Here is a picture of my results. I did the bends by hand, just using the round part of my vice. They could be a little smoother and wider.<br><br>Thanks for posting your instructions!<br><br>Darren
My attachment didn't seem to work, trying again.
That's so great, thanks for sharing! (and good call with the tape measure, it's tough to get scale of something we're used to seeing very small) <br /> <br />For sharing a picture of your version I've sent you a digital patch and a 3-month Pro Membership to Instructables!
Awesome!! Love this! :)
One could slip plastic tube/hose over the rod to increase its thickness.
This is strangely cool looking!!!
The Clippit bit made me lol in the real! keep up the good work XDXD
innovative idea
This is great!
Oh man, I hate that guy, popping up all the time... more hindering than helpful. <br>still nice work :D <br>
I think Clippit makes for a nice Halloween costume/prop idea. I mean, what's scarier?
Lol. damn straight! <br>
This is an awesome tutorial, but I hate this guy on my computer alone! Why would I want him in real life?!! *shutter*
Some giant wide rule paper I made for an instillation piece. Sharpie on white butcher paper, cut the holes with a box cutter, Excited for the pro membership!
Neat, thanks for sharing! <br /> <br />Enjoy the patch and the 3-month Pro Membership!
It looks like you're making a giant paper clip. <br> <br>Would you like help with that? <br> <br> o Get help finding materials <br> <br> o Get help bending radii <br> <br> o Just make the paperclip without help <br> <br> o Don't show me this tip again <br> <br>
where is the like button, top comment :)
I really, really like it! :-)
I saw the giant Clippit and lost it, good project!
Given that you were so precise in your method, did you consider testing the weight holding ability of the wall hanger/ giant paperclip? It seems to me the extended legs of your clip would give it inherent strength against pull out at the fasteners. The fastening clips are simple but a drilled hole for a screw would be a neater look.
Very cool. It's nice to see a design that isn't just big just for the sake of being big. The functionality is great. :)
Awesome idea Mike! One could say that project is so functional, it should be a <em>staple&nbsp;</em>of every household!
Awesome. love the giant Clippit!
Thats awesome :D <br> <br>5* (If i could give any ratings :[ )
If I may: you could have bent both top curves, and made it twice as useful (Which is what this saturday will hopefully appear out of my workshop...thanks!). <br>
does the jacket know how lucky it is? Awesome as usual.
Holy cow batman I want one!! Great 'able!!
Love it :D How long did it haunt randy for?
That's cool! I might actually make it.

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