just some things i did in GIMP

to learn how to do these visit gimpology.com
and gimp-tutorials.net
Im kinda new to gimp, and i have 2 really simple quesions: one, how do i rotate the brush and 2 how do i draw a regular straight line? there are a couple easy things I just never figured out.<br /> <br />
For drawing a strait line, hold shift and click where you want to start your line, and then click where you want to end it. On some of the brushes (the ones with the red triangle in the bottom right corner) click and hold, you will see a (slightly) super imposed image of the brush, keep holding and you will see the image rotate, let go when it's at the desired angle.<br />
How did you do the first and third?
the first one <a rel="nofollow" href="http://gimp-tutorials.net/gimp_msnbc_effect">here</a><br/>the third one <a rel="nofollow" href="http://gimp-tutorials.net/mac-wallpaper-tutorial">here</a><br/>
reminds me of the spectra produced by various elements we studied in Chem 101A recently
neat i like the first one best

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