Picture of give your rc car break lights
in this instructable I will show you how to add break lights to your rc car
here is what you will need:
rc car
2 LEDs
some wire
soldering iron
dril bit

Step 1: Drillig the holes

Picture of drillig the holes
ok so get your drill bits out and find one thats about the same size as the led it better to make it to small then to big then drill holes where you want to lights to be in your car
viiru4 years ago
lemonie6 years ago
Reversing lights are white and usually singular. What you have created should be brake lights. Still, it's a good hack

tomo99 lemonie5 years ago
he put that they are brake lights...
lemonie tomo995 years ago
It was originally titled differently (last year). Now it's b r e a k lights...

Acepilot425 years ago
put some on my nitro rc. when you put on the brakes, the throttl servo moves, toutches two wires to make a connetion.
lollyXD5 years ago
hmmm..... cool idea !!!
Like lemonie said these should be brake lights ! 

What ive done with my Rc truck is add a piezo Which does the BEEP BEEP BEEP truck reverse sound !
denona (author)  stephenniall5 years ago
ok changed the name
This wont work with hobby grade RC cars =0(
nope, so go buy a cheap, noisy stock car and mod it up!
crapflinger6 years ago
i don't know what voltage is going to the motor on your car...but if it's the wrong voltage you're going to blow the LEDs pretty quick...also running an LED in reverse can damage them (i think)....