Glass Bottle Terrarium





Introduction: Glass Bottle Terrarium

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This is a fun green craft that is super easy and are nice decorations for a house or room once the plants start to sprout from it.

Step 1: Materials

glass bottle

small rocks



spoon (for pouring soil into the bottle)

Step 2: Placing the Rocks

The first actual step is to put your rocks in the bottle. After you have like six rocks in there, pour a little dirt on top and stack on more rocks. Repeat this step until you reach your desired height.Then pour a little water on top to make the soil moist. Make sure you leave some room to put the seeds and dirt on top.

Step 3: Planting the Seeds

I`m using grass seeds, but there are many options, I just chose grass because it is easy and would look kind of cool. Get out your seeds then spin the bottle around while you pour the seeds so they are spread around equally. Then put a quarter inch of dirt on top, then put a little water on top. Now you can watch your little terrarium grow and grow!



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    can you please suggest what are the other seeds that can be used?

    Here is a picture of my terrarium starting to grow! :D


    This looks great! I'd love to see a picture after it has grown!

    1 reply

    I will definitely post some pictures soon. I am also going to grow some more terrariums to decorate my bedroom, so I will also post some pictures of those once they start to grow.