Glass Jar Liner Shaped Christmas Tree


Introduction: Glass Jar Liner Shaped Christmas Tree

About: i love hallowen i like chritmas

liner boat shaped glass bottle for storing Christmas treats

Once weave measuring the contour of the long chain caring that the number of chains that assemble even.
This is the contour plot of the bottle:
Close chains start to form the circular fabric.
slip stitch
cademna or bonding
average low point
bareta point or high point
# rows
Application of two needles or sticks:
For the outline of our bottle, 30 cm. wove assemble 12 points and 90 rows.
Knitting then sew the strip beginning (where points mounted) to the end (where it closed points) so that they remain a fabric loop.
Put in the jar and decorate with ribbons passing them through the loops.



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    nice chritmas tree jar is very creative i like

    nice jar and liner i like is good idea to put candies o chcolates inside very good idea

    god project nice beautifull , i like good for chritmas season to put candyes in tthe glass jar ,nice liner

    nice glass jar liner i like too put the candies in there

    beatifull project i like

    nice liner for chritmas botlle ilove is cute