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I tried this nail art,
for it I applied very light pink polish from half way of nails.
then I applied pink polish from slightly below the light pink polish.
then I applied red polish at the tips of nail.
while doing this, I did it roughly, before putting glitter it may not look good, but glitter then kind of conceals the details.
then I put two stones (or whatever it is called from nail art kit) on two nails. (I like red more, pink doesn't match)
then finally applied glitter polish.


yuvrraj (author)2015-05-06

nice color combination...

prachilele (author)yuvrraj2015-05-14

thank u.. :)

prachilele (author)yuvrraj2015-05-14

thank u :) I am glad u liked it

goatqueen1 (author)2015-05-02

Love it

I do too! :D

thank u :)

You're welcome!

prachilele (author)goatqueen12015-05-03

thank u :)

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